What is an eTrolley platform

eTrolley platform is an electronic shopping trolley, i.e. a mobile application which facilitates shopping and many related activities. It allows the client to create a list of required products (by adding them, uploading a photo or scanning/inserting a barcode), join a discount or loyalty programme, obtain more data on a selected item or receive individual marketing messages. When visiting a stationary shop, the items on the list are linked to the shopping trolley. The user also has the option of sending an order to the online shop.

Challenges facing modern retailing

Growing competition

More and more competitors with similar offers on the market.

Smaller margins

Smaller margins make it necessary to reduce company costs.

Trusted employees

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get qualified and loyal employees these days.

Lack of Client patience

Consumers are becoming less and less understanding about time-consuming activities such as queuing.

Advantages of eTrolley

Linkage to sales network systems

The application is compatible with commonly used IT tools, including ERP
software. In this way, it enables fast data exchange and facilitates numerous business procedures. It also supports various payment systems, including credit and mobile cards.

State-of-the-art technology

The server runs on cloud computing or on the central server. This makes the application stable and virtually failure-free. In the event of any problems, the necessary technical support is provided, as a team of specialists guarantees comprehensive post-implementation care.

Operation and functionality

The application has intuitive, transparent interfaces for the discount, cash and warehouse system. With its help, many sales processes can be automated, all the time monitoring the behaviour of registered clients.

Making a relationship with the clients

The easy-to-use application makes shopping much easier, while effectively activating selected groups of clients. It encourages to sign up to a loyalty programme as well as to take advantage of discounts and various promotions, increasing user engagement.

Source of valuable data

The application collects information about the Clients, including their habits and preferences, favourite products or most popular promotions. It carefully follows shopping paths and also uses geopositioning
tools. This data is extremely valuable for designing marketing communication strategies.

eTrolley solves these problems

The application is a huge support for the company as it plays a big role in building relationships with clients. It collects valuable data as it provides an overview of shopping baskets and transactions. At the same time, the option is available to extend its operation to include behavioural
analytics and even marketing prediction and the definition of purchase paths. Useful features also include the ability to send marketing messages and extensive statistical reports. In addition, the app uses gamification elements to encourage clients to be active, such as by taking advantage of promotions.


The operation and appearance of the application can be tailored to specific requirements. Among other things, special individual graphic designs are prepared for the shop, so that the system is consistent with the brand's visual identity.

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