Among our products you will find ready-made solutions that you can implement in your organization.


We will help you adapt the existing solutions to the needs of your company.


We will take care of everything from problem identification to tests of the implemented solution.

Fin Credit

The Fin Credit platform is a system designed to handle and sell financial products. Fin Credit enables fast, safe and fully automated sale of banking products. It is a solution dedicated to agents, brokers, financial intermediaries and banks.

Help Doctor

Help Doctor is a mobile application of medical services that allows you to quickly obtain the necessary medical support. Through it you can,  arrange a remote medical consultation and obtain a diagnosis, but also order a home visit, fill a prescription or rent medical equipment.


eTrolley is an electronic shopping cart that facilitates many shopping activities. Through it, the customer may create a list of the products you need. When visiting a store, the items in the list are associated with the shopping cart. The user also has the option of sending the order to the online store.


The eDGPRBay system allows you to manage your personal data in a responsible manner. It is a properly designed mechanism for effective time calculation that allows for efficient management of personal data processing retention, which helps to achieve compliance with the requirements and principles of the GDPR.

RPA (CogniBe)

As part of CogniBe, we design and implement RPA solutions. We also provide consulting and strategic support for companies in the field of automation of your company's processes.