What is

Blockchain is a technology used to store and transmit information about transactions made on the internet, including trading and currency transactions as well as cryptocurrencies. They are arranged in the form of blocks, consisting of a timestamp, transaction data and cryptographic hash of the previous block to formulate a chain. They take the form of a distributed, decentralised database, usually managed by peer-to-peer networks. Blockchain was first used with Bitcoin transactions to test their sustainability and to counter double spending.

Implementing Blockchain technology

Our experienced IT specialists perform projects using Blockchain
technology. We create secure environments designed for data sharing which offers the possibility of modern transaction processing using the so-called distributed ledger. When designing such solutions, we ensure the best security as well as scalability and performance. At the same time, we provide intuitive operation and a clear interface. We have already successfully implemented many projects based on Hyperledger, Waves and Ethereum technologies for the American clients.



Software development

We comprehensively develop modern IT tools, fully adapted to the individual needs of the client. We do our best to fulfil the specific expectations, ensuring that the applications provided are functional, intuitive and fully secure. At the same time, we focus not only on the design and development of the software, but we also take care of its proper implementation and, if necessary, provide technical support.

Manual and automated tests

We design tests (including acceptance tests), create test scenarios, etc.

Dedicated software

Our team approaches individually and comprehensively to each new IT project. The dedicated software we create is tailored to the client's needs and at the same time compatible with the currently used solutions.