What is FinCredit

The Fin Credit platform is a system designed to handle and sell financial products based on Blockchain technology. It enables fast, secure and fully automated sales of banking products. It is a dedicated solution for agents, brokers, financial intermediaries and banks.
The system provides access to data on, among other things, all products, profile payments of service offerings or complementary products as well as information on users (agent, financial intermediary or bank). It also provides the opportunity to quickly present new or revised offers.

Innovative platform for handling and selling financial products


Extensive functionality using Blockchain technology.

Client profiling

Customisation and profiling of offers to each type of client.


Unlimited integration with banking systems.


Innovative security system for logging in and confirming transactions.

Advantages of FinCredit

Simple operation

The system has a uniform, transparent interface for, among other things, managing the client's products or contacting the agent. This makes the platform extremely practical and hassle-free and its users master all functions in a short time.


FinCredit is compatible with other applications and programmes - the platform can be linked to existing IT tools already in use, which makes it much easier to implement. In this way, it can become part of a larger, resilient system within an enterprise.

Customised approach

The system can be tailored to fulfil specific requirements in the best possible manner (e.g. dedicated graphic designs are prepared). It is implemented by a team of experienced specialists who then maintain and, if necessary, service it.

Numerous features

The platform offers a variety of facilities to make daily work much easier, including an extensive administrator panel, geopositioning tools (using user location data), scoring system, detailed client history or internal communicator.

New dimension in marketing communication

Numerous tools designed to analyse client behaviour make it possible to collect useful data, which allow the expectations, needs and requirements of a given audience to be fully understood. In this way, relationships with clients can be established and developed in a fully informed manner.

Ease of use

The platform provides the ability to make quick, easy changes to data and the way information is presented. Moreover, it has tools that automate and facilitate the process of collecting the necessary information (it generates consents or acknowledgements of receipt, among other things).

Use of Gamification

Gamification has also been taken into account in the design of the platform, i.e. features known from games have been introduced to encourage users to collaborate and motivate them to take action. The system also has various elements to help build a lasting relationship with the client, including loyalty and discount systems or flexible evaluation surveys to determine satisfaction levels and understand specific needs.

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