IT services
in the insurance sector

User Experience

We implement projects in which UX (user experience) and reliability are of particular importance. We create applications and systems fully tailored to the expectations of our clients which are easy to use, transparent and accessible to representatives of various groups, e.g. seniors or people with disabilities. Above all, we care about their sense of comfort and security, offering practical solutions they can fully trust.

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Sektor sprzedażowy

Sales sector

We also develop technology for the sales sector. We
developed one of our key products, eTrolley, for this sector.

Sektor bankowy

Banking sector

We also operate in the banking sector. One of our main products in this sector is the Fin Credit System based on Blockchain technology.

Sektor medyczny

Medical sector

We are also operate in the medical sector. One of our main products is Help Doctor, implemented precisely in this sector.