We undertake the implementation of the task regardless of the sector in which the client operates.

Banking sector

We successfully create solutions in the banking sector.

Insurance sector

We have been active in both the commercial and social insurance sector for years.

Sales sector

We create solutions that benefit millions.

Medical sector

We implement projects to support private as well as public healthcare.


As KLG Solutions, we are constantly striving to achieve the best possible results, but before that, we are striving to overcome our own limits
and be better than we were in previous periods.
That's why we've included a couple of breakdowns on the right of how we've grown over the previous year.


Increase in number of employees


Increase in number of ongoing projects


Increase in revenue

BNP Paribas

We are the leading supplier of quality hand tools, hardware, safety products, industrial supplies, fasteners, hydraulic hose fittings, cam locks, oil and air filters, plus so much more.

Case studies soon

National Health Fund- eHealth

We supply the construction industry, oil and gas, farming and ranching, refineries, state and local governments, manufacturers that wants quality products at a reasonable price.

Case studies soon