Custom software

When we work with our clients, we build a team that aims to prepare and then implement modern, innovative technologies, tailored to specific conditions and needs. Many years of experience and competence resulting from implemented projects enable us to find and/or create optimal IT solutions for any situation.

Mobile and web applications

In constant consultation with the client, we develop less and more advanced mobile applications for various uses. Our specialists are able to prepare solutions that make full use of the capabilities of the Android and iOS systems. We make every effort to make them as functional, fault-free and user-friendly as possible.

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Project stages

1. Analysis

We get to know the client's needs and expectations and take the character of the industry into account.

4. Development and testing

We check the correct development of the application to ensure that it works perfectly.

2. Prototyping

We prepare wire-frames to detect potential difficulties and find solutions.

5. Finished product

We hand over and launch the application so that it can start to be used.

3. Presentation

We present a finished concept which we consult with the client.

6. Support

We provide technical support in case of any problems. We also perform updates if necessary and add new features.


Business and system analytics

We have a team of analysts who are responsible for optimising business processes and experts who specialise in systems analytics, focusing, among other things, on modelling the functionalities of systems to implement business processes.

IT solution architecture

We design and build architecture for advanced programmes.

Manual and automated tests

We design tests (including acceptance tests), we create test scenarios, etc.

Project and programme management

We complete assigned tasks in a timely manner and support the client in terms of consultancy.

Robotic Processes Automation

We create solutions that help to save time and energy for employees to maximise their productivity.


We implement projects in secure trading, currency and cryptocurrency
transaction systems technology

Software development

We develop dedicated applications and systems according to the client’s specifications.