About CogniBe

CogniBe (formerly known as ReeWise) was founded to combine a passion for modern technology with the need to automate processes and data analytics in modern business. We make our living by implementing solutions that empower our clients to change the way they operate and adapt to the needs of the 21st century, while increasing the potential of their business.

CogniBe was founded in 2012. We have many years of experience in business and IT consulting in the areas of business process automation and analytics. Our experience includes more than 90 completed projects.

Our team, is a combination of years of experience working with multinational corporations at home and abroad. It is a youthful passion for discovering and exploiting the possibilities of cutting-edge information technology, in the business world.

We operate in the areas of business analytics and intelligent process automation.


Virtual employee for your company and robots.


Data analytics, discovering trends, looking for patterns of client behaviour and preferences.


Improving the competence of your own team in designing and implementing robots


Appropriate use of modern robotisation techniques and automation of the office environment.

Technologies at CogniBe

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of specialised computer software to perform programmed, repetitive cycles of tasks on one or more systems in the IT environment. Robots of this type imitate the work performed by one (or many) employees using the same data access methods and user interfaces. These solutions do not require interference with the company's existing IT ecosystem which significantly reduces costs and implementation time.

Data analytics

In this area, there is a range of applications that enable the creation of a wide variety of solutions, starting from the definition of advanced methods for reporting, analysis and visualisation of results to the creation of statistical models and forecasts to predict potential future situations. The wide range of software developers makes it possible to select the best solution depending on the client's needs and capabilities. The combination of process automation (RPA) solutions with embedded analytics for these processes allows clients to identify steps to improve key company parameters.

Voice-bots and Chat-bots

The use of software to communicate between humans and machines in the language of the user based on Natural Language Processing (NLP)
technology. NLP technology enables the interpretation of phrases and sequences in the language of the questioner and responses in the same language based on defined communication algorithms and scripts. In this area, we offer solutions for text-based communication (chat-bots) that work with modern communicators, support client service on client websites, etc. In addition, we offer voice communication solutions (voice-bots) replacing traditional IVR solutions or enabling interaction with devices via voice.

Document digitisation and image processing

Document digitisation using OCR (optical character recognition)
techniques is used to recognise characters and whole texts in graphic files. This type of solution uses tags, descriptions and specialised data libraries to identify and categorise graphic content. Combining OCR techniques with RPA solutions allows data automatically extracted from graphical documents (invoice scans, pdf. documents, etc.) to be put into circulation. It significantly speeds up the pace of work and increases the reliability of the data collected.

Process sequence automation

Process management techniques, the so-called BPM / BPA (Business Process Management / Automation), deal with the use of specialised software to manage entire sequences of tasks, forcing the execution of appropriate steps by users according to a preset process sequence, modelling and optimising the flow of tasks in a supported process and monitoring the parameters of such a process. BPM systems make it possible to combine tasks performed by robots, activities performed by employees and interaction embedded in client systems into one seamless sequence of events.

Industries in which we operate

Below you can find some examples of process automation in different business areas:

  • Finance / Accounting
  • HR / Payroll
  • Audit / Control / Security
  • Manufacturing / Distribution / Warehouse
  • IT / Telecommunications / Administration
  • Transactional Operations
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Banking / Insurance

Why RPA?

The introduction of business process automation solutions brings undeniable benefits, both for employers and employees. The proper use of modern robotisation techniques and automation of the office environment, allows companies to gain a competitive advantage and opens up many new growth opportunities.


Our products

We performed many successful implementations. Numerous well-known companies and organisations used our services. See who we cooperated with and become our client.

eTrolley - produkt

A mobile application that facilitates the shopping experience, making many of the related activities easier.

Help Doctor - produkt

Help Doctor

Mobile medical services application for patients.

FinCredit - produkt


FinCredit system designed to handle and sell financial products based on Blockchain technology.

ręka dotykająca niewidzialną tarczę


A system that supports the management of personal data processed in business processes within an organisation.