What is Help Doctor

Help Doctor is a mobile medical service application, an online platform that connects patients with physicians, nurses, pharmacies, etc. It makes it possible to get the medical support they need quickly by providing easy access to a database of specialists. It can be used to make appointments for remote medical consultations and diagnoses as well as to book home visits, fill prescriptions or hire medical equipment.
The application uses geopositioning, so it is able to find the nearest facility, physician/nurse or pharmacy. When a specialist is to arrive at a given address, it estimates the arrival time and tracks the route (similar to Uber application). At the same time, it supports mobile payments and subscriptions from medical and insurance networks.

The benefits your clients will gain from using Help Doctor

Home Laboratory

Your clients will be able to have a laboratory test and a sample taken without leaving their home.

Płatnosci mobilne

Your patients will be able to settle payments via their mobile devices.

Equipment rental

Klienci zyskają możliwość wynajmu profesjonalnego sprzętu medycznego.

Quick patient service

Patients will have the opportunity to order ad hoc visits and nursing care.

Advantages of Help Doctor

A modern solution

Connection with a platform allows the company to stand out from competitors in the medical sector. Nowadays, mobile applications are extremely popular, so it is easy to reach a wide audience already accustomed to this form of service.

High potential

The application supports the company's current form and development strategy. Once implemented, the company will be perceived as more modern and in tune with current trends. With its help, it is therefore possible to acquire many new clients in a short period of time and start generating higher profits.

Support for networking

The platform offers the opportunity to establish cooperation with physicians previously working in other networks, regardless of location. It contributes to the creation of profitable business relationships, as a reputable specialist can be found quickly and contacted directly through the platform.

Tool tailored to the user

The application is aimed at users who want to take care of themselves and their loved ones remotely and continuously. It is ideal for patients who, for a variety of reasons, cannot leave their home in order to go to the medical office, perform medical examination, go to pharmacy, etc. on their own.

In-app reviews

The in-app reviews of medical staff help you find the right physician or nurse. A state-of-the-art scoring system for clients and specialists ensures complete security and satisfaction for both parties. In addition, the application collects all user data which is extremely useful for creating a marketing communication strategy.

Help Doctor - opnie o app

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