What is an eGDPRBay system

eGDPRbay is a system for handling GDPR processes.
In order to operate in compliance with the aforementioned regulation, every entrepreneur needs to understand what type of personal data is being processed, for what purpose, whether this purpose is appropriate to the data being processed, whether, and if so, where the personal data is being processed and whether and what the formal and legal
basis is. Due to the eGDPRBay system, it becomes possible to inventory and manage in a systematic way the legal bases, the purposes of personal data processing, the records of IT systems where personal data are processed, the records and application of technical and organisational measures as well as management-organisational-procedural issues related to data retention times.

Why should you have an eGDPRBay system?


Security against unnecessary complications related to the GDPR Act in case of an audit


Immediate response to personal data breaches - communication with the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data


Automated communication with client enquiries about their personal data


We educate employees about the risks and breaches arising from lack of knowledge of GDPR

Advantages of the eGDPRBay system

Risk management

Manage your personal data responsibly and be aware of the risks involved. Try our system and focus on what is most important to you.

Automation and reusability*

The eGDPRBay system is a relational system. There is no need to duplicate data once entered. The designed mechanism for efficient calculation of processing time enables efficient management of retention of processed personal data. There are, of course, many more improvements to facilitate the management of personal data processing.

* The Operator aims to have the client modify the scope of predefined data prepared by the Operator as part of the system implementation, rather than having to enter data from scratch for such purposes/processes.

Compliance with GDPR

The proposed information scope and relationships of the eGDPRBay
system help to achieve compliance with the requirements/rules of GDPR. Create an account and test the system free of charge for one month to see if our proposed approach meets your needs. Of course, we remain open to all kinds of suggestions for its further development.

Ease of use

We place emphasis on making our solutions intuitive and the customisation process of the eGDPRBay system efficient. Among other things, the user is able to customise the predefined information scope at the start. After all, it is easier to delete or modify than to create from scratch.

Expert support

You can count on the full support of consultants when you first try to log in and when entering 1-2 processing activities pursuant to eGDPR.

Compliance with ISO 31000

We strive to ensure that risk management is compliant with ISO 31000 and performed based on reports generated from the data entered by the user.

eGDPRBay in practice

The eGDPRBaysystem is a proven way to easily obtain information on how, where and by whom personal data is processed. It effectively secures the company in the event of GIODO inspections and allows all data processed by the company to be organised and secured.

eGDPRBay 6

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